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Sarah Byrd & Copper

When I was a child, my stuffed animals had incredible adventures under tables, down the backs of chairs, up the ladder of our bunkbed, and in and out of drawers.  When we weren’t playing stuffed animals, my sister Carolyn, friend Beth, and I galloped all over the Mercer University campus in Macon, Georgia, dodging students (who loved us, I’m sure), whinnying and having a wonderful time as horses.  We also, I have to confess, played a game called “Pretty Girls,” in which we put on a record and flung ourselves in stunning choreography about the living room. All these imaginative games had long, intricate stories.

Around the age of thirteen, I became a Christian.  I don’t remember an exact conversion experience, but I do remember walking out of the school lunchroom one day and realizing that I knew God.  I hadn’t before, but now I did.  Becoming a Christian that young meant I had a lot of growing to do.  Hopefully, I’m still growing.

I majored in English and Religion at Duke University and graduated in 1973.  Then I became a US-2 missionary and drove a bookmobile in West Virginia, one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever seen.  I loved the people I met but got sick and had to leave the program.  For the next three years, I worked small jobs and learned the truth behind the words, “He is faithful.”  In 1977, I married Bob Byrd and, over the next ten years, had three children, a boy and two girls.

When Stephen, Sarah, and Beth got older, I began writing.  I’d always wanted to write, especially Christian fantasy (my favorite), but my efforts had showed zero talent up to that point.  Then God actually gave me a story–with a beginning, middle, and end.  I was so thrilled.  All those imaginative games, all the beautiful places, all the hard lessons of faith, even the grammar I learned as an English major prepared me to write.  I have no impressive credentials other than these.  I want to give to other people the same kind of story I have always loved.

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