The World of Tarth

I tried not to make Tarth too hard for people to picture in their minds.  Most of the colors I changed aren’t far from their earth counterpart on the color wheel.

Tarth’s sky is purple, for example, but purple isn’t too different from blue.  Leaves are blue in Tarth, not green, but again blue isn’t that different from green.  I didn’t mind switching desert sand to red, because a desert is bright and red is a bright color.

Green water is quite different from our clear-colored water, but I wanted something green.  I couldn’t imagine a world without green–and Lynn felt the same way!  The color of sunlight didn’t change.  Yellow is my favorite color, but it wasn’t just that.   I couldn’t imagine light in a world looking different from the joy-filled yellow it is here.   I love watching sunlight come through a window onto the floor of a room–and there’s no use asking me how many minutes/hours I’ve spent doing so.  I’ll never confess.

I’ve written four stories set in Tarth over the past nine years. The Brueggen Stones was published in 2007; Under the Golden Mists in 2009, and The Opal Cavern is currently at my publishers.

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