About “The Brueggen Stones”

Brueggen Stone Cover At first, I had Lynn stepping into a streetlight’s circle of light and falling into Tarth. I liked the streetlight version, but it took too long–after showing Lynn’s unhappiness at work, I then had to get her out of bright downtown Chicago so that the transporting circle of light would show up well. In that version, the heads popped up on a seat across a bus aisle, but the whole thing lasted way too long.

The idea of someone from our world going to another one and saving it isn’t original; neither is the idea of a prophetic rhyme that no one understands at first.  Actually, the weakness Tarth people felt when they came close to brueggen stones reminds me of the weakness Superman felt when he was near kryptonite.  Sigh.  It’s hard to be original–but I don’t feel too bad.  All those elements (and probably more) are entertaining and fun.  The Brueggen Stones is the story I’ve made out of them, that’s all!

I had trouble with Lynn’s brave, outgoing personality since I am not particularly brave or outgoing, but a lot of work later, literally years later, Lynn started making Lynn statements, and the humor and vulnerability in those statements made her character come alive for me.

The most audacious thing I did was make Keshua a character in my story, but how could I leave him out? He is so involved in people’s lives; He’s involved in everything that happens. I tried hard to keep everything he said or did in The Brueggen Stones within biblical bounds. His meeting with Lynn at the top of Munta Hill (especially when he hugs her and she feels like she’s being hugged inside a fortress) is to me the highlight of the story.


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