Under the Golden Mists

At first I thought The Brueggen Stones would be my only book about Tarth, but I found that I wasn’t ready to leave the purple skied world.  My children and I found ourselves in the era of mermaid movies.  We thought the first one was very enjoyable, but the second , as often happens, wasn’t nearly as good.  I started wondering what I would do with an underwater people.  Ideas and images began floating around in my mind, and the story grew.  It was fun to think what Lacht and Irsht would be like when they were older.  They don’t lose endearing childlike qualities; I don’t think adults do, only sometimes we’re embarrassed to show them.  However, along with the endearing qualities come the less endearing ones, and those have to be dealt with one way or the other.

The world of the Wassandra under Wasso Lake is an incredibly beautiful one.  Though I don’t spend a lot of time there in this book (wait till the next one), I consider it one of the most unique places I have had the privilege of imagining.  The Wassandra girl, Curl, is one of my favorite characters, because she has so much personality.  In fact, when I finished Under the Golden Mists, I knew I couldn’t leave her.  The next story features her too, only she’s older.

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